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The Affinity series has been the backbone of mid and top level tanning for almost a decade. The NEW model Affinity 900 builds on the success of previous models with the consistently superior tanning performance, comfort and low maintenance operation. The Affinity 900 now comes in a brand new look featuring Ergoline’s incredible LED Light show feature. Choose from more than 200 colors and animations to create a dramatic presentation in your salon. High-end comfort features like the Temptronic System, Aqua Mist and Aroma as well as Stereo Sound with MP3 Connection perfect the tanning experience!


  • 50 Ergoline Advanced Performance 160-Watt UV Lamps.
  • 4 x 520-Watt Ultra Performance Plus Facial Tanners with Glass Reflector System and 3, 8-Watt Spaghetti lamps
  • 7 x 25-Watt UV Spaghetti Lamp Shoulder Tanner


  • Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling
  • 2-system body ventilation, separately adjustable and additional face ventilation with temperature controlled by Temptronic.
  • Body Shape acrylic.
  • Aqua Mist and Aroma.
  • Stereo Sound with MP3 and headphone connection, channel selector and volume control.

Bed Specifications
Lamps 50 x 160 Watts
Facial Lamps 4 x 520 Watts
Shoulder Tanners 7 x 25-Watt UV Spaghetti
Maximum Exposure Time 12 minutes
Power Consumption 17,000 Watts
Electrical Required 230V 3Ř, 230V 1Ř
Circuit Breaker 60A / 3-pole 3Ř, 100A 2-pole
Weight 1,334 lbs
Dimensions closed 93"L x 58"W x 57"H
Dimensions open 93"L x 58"W x 73"H
Recommended Room Size 10 ft. x 9 ft.

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