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The Prestige 1600 Hybrid that takes tanning to luxurious new heights. Featuring an easy-care glass Smart Control panel with its large display making it quicker and easier to operate the sunbed than ever before.

Newly-developed high performance LEDs enhance the Red Light while Computerized reflectors ensure optimized distribution of the light spectra..


  • 38 200-watt UV lamps and 14 200W R lamps.
  • 4 x 520 watt Ultra performance Plus Facial tanners.
  • 2 x 240W shoulder tanners.
  • 3 x 8 watt Spaghetti lamps.


  • Automatic temperature-adjusted centralized ventilation.
  • Aqua Mist with Aroma function ensures a pleasant refreshment during the tanning session.
  • High-quality high performance LEDs guarantee impressive brilliance with over 200 color and light effects. Features up to 80% energy saving and a life of more than 30,000 hours.
  • The 3D Sound System provides a sensational sound experience. The system consists of two loudspeakers, a subwoofer, SD card slot and MP3 dock.
  • Personal Sunstyle provides a custom session at the touch of a button, from gentle to intense. Enjoying the skin care benefits of Red Light in every session, Personal Sunstyle decreases UV to match the personal needs of every user.

A truly fantastic tanning experience! The improved Hybrid Performance technology provides optimum tanning results using Type R PLUS lamps and Red Light LEDs. The combination of UV light and Red Light enables a beautiful and natural looking tan. The optimized Ultra Performance Plus technology with glass reflectors including Type R spaghetti lamps and filter discs with special coating represent maximum efficiency in the facial area.

Bed Specifications
Lamps 38 x 200 Watts U
Lamps 14 x 200 Watts R
Facial Lamps 4 x 520 Watts
Shoulder Lamps 3 x 240 Watts
Spaghetti Lamps 3 x 8 Watts
Maximum Exposure Time 10 minutes
Power Consumption 17,600 Watts
Electrical Required 230 Volts - 3 Phase or 230 Volts - 1 Phase
Circuit Breaker 70 Amp - 3 Phase or 110 Amp 1 Phase
Weight 1,554 lbs
Dimensions closed 94"L x 61"W x 59"H
Dimensions open 94"L x 61"W x 77"H
Recommended Room Size 10 ft. x 9 ft.

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