Replacement Tanning Bed UV Lamps

Ergoline® Tanning Bed Lamps

The Ergoline® name represents the pinnacle of tanning bed craftsmanship, technology, and painstaking attention to the smallest detail - and all of this is just as evident in the tanning lamps which bear that name. Your Ergoline® bed deserves nothing less then Ergoline lamps - the best of the best!

Ergoline VHP 10 160WR

Ergoline VHP 20 100WR

Ergoline VHP 10 180WR

Ergoline VHP 20 120WR

Ergoline VHP 10 180WR 2 mtr

Ergoline VHP 20 120WR 2mtr

Ergoline VHP 12 160WR

Ergoline VHP 20 160WR

Ergoline VHP 15 120WR

Ergoline TurboPower 200W 2mtr

Ergoline VHP 15 140WR

Ergoline ExtremePower 200WR FR71

Ergoline VHP 15 160WR

Light Phosphor Coating
Heavy Phosphor Coating