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The SUN ANGEL DUO 1400 turns any tanning session into a heavenly experience! Its exclusive, patented optical sensor is most accurate and – thanks to the Voice Guide along with visual feedback from different colors on the sensor – easy to use. Furthermore, the sensor is also self-calibrating. Two programs – Essential Sunshine and Styling Sunshine – deliver a sensor-controlled, specialized UV spectrum that’s customized for each person’s goals and preferences while virtually eliminating the possibility of overexposure. Being a SUN ANGEL, what better way to show off its awe-inspiring design than by including an LED Light Show with dynamic colors of the sun. These sunny hues and bright illumination add to the gorgeousness of this unit. The SUN ANGEL DUO also utilizes Ergoline’s new Professional Setup Manager with NFC Connect. As a salon owner you can choose from more than 100 settings and easily save and transfer them via NFC Connect just by swiping your NFC card. In addition, your VIP customers with their own personal NFC Customer Card will be welcomed by name and have their preferred comfort settings already in place.

Enjoy two sensor-controlled programs: Vitamin D Sunshine or Styling Sunshine!


  • LED light show can be set to match any salon decor.
  • Professional Setup Manager with NFC Connect.
  • Fifty-two 200W UV lamps and four Ultra Performance 520W facial tanners with specialized UV-B lamps.
  • High-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology.


  • Temptronic climate control maintains the preferred temperature throughout the tanning session.
  • Aqua Mist & Aroma for refreshing relaxation.
  • Extra-Wide Multi Relax base acrylic with armrests and variable footrests.
  • 3D-sound system with MP3 player dock-in and SD card slot for individual music enjoyment.

The SUN ANGEL DUO 1400 gives your customers a real choice of how they would like to enjoy the sun.

Bed Specifications
Lamps 52 x 200 Watts MAX
Facial Lamps 4/3 x 520 Watts MAX/8 Watts
Shoulder Lamps 2 x 240 Watts
Maximum Exposure Time 12 or 15 minutes
Power Consumption 18,500 Watts
Electrical Required 230 Volts - 3 Phase
Circuit Breaker 70 Amp - 3 Phase
Weight 1,500 lbs
Dimensions closed 94"L x 65"W x 67"H
Dimensions open 94"L x 65"W x 78"H
Recommended Room Size 10 ft. x 9 ft.

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