Wolff® GoldenBronze®

The GoldenBronze® tanning lamp is designed for immediate color results. Engineered to provide considerable UVB and UVA, the GoldenBronze tanning lamp is comparable to many different lamp brands.
GoldenBronze 80W F59
GoldenBronze 100-120W F71/F73
GoldenBronze Plus 100-120W F71
GoldenBronze II 100-120W F71/F73
GoldenBronze 80WR FR59
GoldenBronze Maximum 100-120W F71/F73
GoldenBronze 100-120WR FR71/F73
GoldenBronze Plus 100-120WR FR71
GoldenBronze VHO 160W F71
GoldenBronze 140WR FR59
GoldenBronze 160WR FR71/td>
GoldenBronze Plus 160WR FR71
GoldenBronze 200WR FR71/td>
GoldenBronze 180-200WR FR59

Wolff® Master Bronze®

The Master Bronze® tanning lamp is specifically designed to achieve extreme bronzing with superior UVA delivery. Engineered to provide high-pressure performance in a low-pressure lamp, allowing the maximum tanning levels for maintained darkness. Superior pigment darkening for a long lasting tan.
Master Bronze 100-120W F71
Master Bronze 160W F71
Master Bronze 180-200W FR71
Master Bronze 100-120W FR71
Master Bronze Plus 160W FR71

Light Phosphor Coating
Heavy Phosphor Coating